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Robobloq Qoopers DIY robotics kit 6 in 1 including bonus package

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Are you one of those parents who are looking for an intelligent gift for their children that is both fun and broadened their horizons?

You haven't found a suitable gift yet?

You can get the same high-quality robot from other providers, but with my offer I am offering you a complete package that ensures that your child has everything that is necessary for a successful start.

You not only get the right tool in good quality so that nothing can go wrong during assembly. But above all, I am enclosing 2 sets of batteries with the necessary power so that the Qooper runs without jerking. Because for that, 08/15 batteries are not enough.

Click on “Order” and you will receive the all-round carefree package from us in a few days.

  • 1x Robobloq Qoopers robot = € 188
  • 1x better tool set = 10, - €
  • 12x AA batteries 2900mAh = € 8


Total package = 206 €

With us everything together for 178,-€

Do you have good tools and batteries yourself? Then of course you can also get the Robobloq Qoopers without an additional package.



1x kit for a programmable robot

Here you will find a creative gift for children aged 10 and over and adults who have remained curious and who enjoy exploring the world of technology:

  • Full metal kit
  • Surface made of anodized aluminum
  • 6 models possible from one kit
  • compatible with Lego®
  • Ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection
  • LED dot matrix screen
  • expandable with additional sensors
  • Toys with a high learning effect
  • own app for Android, iOS or Windows PC
  • easy start with immediate play option via remote control function
  • programmable via graphical user interface by drag & drop
  • Programming via laptop, tablet or smartphone possible
  • Arduino processor

This kit offers the possibility to build 6 different models according to instructions or to create your own model. Once the model is complete, it can be controlled immediately using the remote control function on a smartphone or tablet.

Using the professional graphic programming language Scratch 3.0, the model can easily be turned into a real robot without any prior knowledge, which searches its way independently.

Both the assembly and the programming are possible without any problems even for technical beginners. The building instructions and the software are available for download, and the app is available in the Android or Apple Playstore.

Assemble - drive - program - drive independently!

https://www.robobloq.com/     for software download

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlvaNfe50Rc    Unboxing video

6 x AA batteries (LR6) are required. After a self-test, we recommend batteries with at least 2000mAh, otherwise the small one is quite weak on the chest and the fun of the game goes flat. The matching batteries are optionally included, replacements are also available here in the shop.

Additional Information

Weight 3000 g
bonus package

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