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Plug-in system hose holder, suitable for the VW system

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1x system clamp, based on the plug-in clamps that have been used in all VW models since the Golf 2.

These clamps can all be connected to one another by simply plugging them in. A connection in series is possible, as well as at a 90 ° angle to each other. The connection is secured by a pin supplied, which in my version can be easily removed again.

Please note! The diameter given here applies in the 'relaxed' state, so, for example, a 20 mm hose holder can be used for 3/4 hoses with an outer diameter of approx. 22 mm! There must still be a certain clamping force, so the hose holder is always 2-5mm smaller in diameter, depending on its size.

If you need other diameters, let me know, I will take them up in the webshop and make them!

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