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If you have your own ideas for new/special/special/no longer available parts, please let me know! Here I can make a 3D construction from a sketch or an old part and produce it on CNC-controlled machines or our 3D FFM printers. Of course, we will consider together beforehand whether the effort is worthwhile and you will receive a cost estimate if both parties are interested.

How I got the VW bus ...

With a few exceptions (the Granada MKII Ghia was lame, huge and super easy to drive!) I only ever had vehicles from VW or Audi.
Rest-Tüv was often the decisive argument for buying ...

Yes, until one day a friend spoke to me and explained to me that he knew about a VW T2 bus, original Westfalia, which was to be slaughtered and was much too good for that. If I didn't want to come along to see it. Hmm what should I do with a bus? He was big and lame and I was single and always on the move quickly.

Well, my boyfriend was persistent and I just had nothing better to do. Long story short, he lashed out at me until I bought the bus for DM 800.

Today I know that the bus was actually still in good shape for its age, back then I cursed while I was welding on it. But then I got to know the beautiful way of moving in a vehicle of this type. It was my daily driver for a few years, until after a winter tour through Sweden and Russia (sleeping in the bus at -18 ° C in St. Petersburg! Brrrrr…) it was time to give it more care.

But the next bus was already waiting for me without me knowing it...

During a quiet lunch break my phone rang, a (another) friend said he was looking to relocate to the UK and would I like his T3 Multivan? 'Nope, no need' was my reply. I had the T2. But a lunch break can get pretty long if you're talked into something. At the end of the break he had me ready, for €600 including a replacement engine and a promise to help me install it, I bought my first T3.

For another 500 € it was brought over the TÜV and my (then still small) family and I had a lot of fun driving the Bulli. So much so that after a year I decided to fix the T3 properly again. Restoration does not apply here either, as almost no sheet metal work was necessary, although I completely dismantled the bus except for a 'rolling chassis'. A year and about 1000 working hours later the bus was back on the road and has been with us for 4 years. Since the family had grown significantly in the meantime, the purchased caravan was also pulled through the Pyrenees, thanks to AAZ!

Unfortunately, my wife had an accident on the bus in black ice, which abruptly stopped her career with us.

Luckily, in the meantime, a T3-Doka had moved in with us as a second car, which now rose in rank. After a year's 'test run', this too received an extensive refurbishment, including the installation of a fourth door (essential for 3 children!). Now they were allowed to pull our caravan through the Alps, which worked great.

Since our children did not get any smaller and the number of dogs increased, the family council decided that another Multivan would be purchased. Since I found a T3 too bad for the winter and a T5 too prone to defects, it became a T4.

Although this lacks almost everything that makes a Bulli (square-practical-good), it is really recommended as a touring sedan.

The T4 also received the necessary care and, as with the T2 and T3, there were always places where I simply had to improve. At about the same time as the T4, the first 3D printer moved in with us. Suddenly it was no longer a problem to replace defective plastic parts, even if they were no longer available.

Over time, I learned how much such a 3D printer can do. In the meantime it has become an integral part of our household. Printed parts are not only found on and in our Bullis, there have also been many opportunities for their use in the house and garden.

I would like to pass on the experiences I made with all the components and changes to you through the parts that were developed.

Have fun browsing the shop!

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